Business owners

Business owners face the considerable challenge of not only having to look after their own wealth management strategy, but also their family and loved ones, their employees and, ultimately, the continued success of their business. It’s a challenge we are uniquely well placed to help them manage. 

We enable business owners to take control of their financial future. For many, their entire lives and future are tied up in the performance of their business. We advise them on multiple issues such as investment and retirement planning, protecting their estate, handing it down to their dependants and, even, how to grow and maximise the value of their business.

For them, their business isn’t just their pension, it’s their life. We help them to make sure that it’s in the best possible shape.

Case Study: Business Owner

David is 53 and founder of a successful Gloucestershire based cyber security business. We were introduced to each other by a local law firm who felt that our experience of advising other business owners just like him would make us a good fit for each other. We’re delighted that we have been advising David and his wife Deborah ever since. 

As always, we invested time in getting to know David and Deborah and making sure that we understood what was important to them from both a business and personal perspective. For example, it was clear from the start that they are very family oriented and that protecting their loved ones needed to be a central aspect of their overall wealth management strategy. 

Like most entrepreneurs, as his business has grown, David has become increasingly focused on the day-to-day management of it and looking after the welfare of his employees. As a result, he didn’t have the capacity to pay the same level of attention to their financial planning and was looking for a trusted and experienced adviser that he and Deborah could rely on. 

We developed a plan that takes into account the performance of the business and their personal objectives. It’s what we call their Future Perfect. It is founded on a core financial platform built on regular savings from disposable income, incorporates upside from business growth and is designed to deliver their goals and reassurance for the years ahead. 

Today, David is able to focus on managing and growing his business without having to worry about his family’s and his own financial wellbeing. Working closely together with him and Deborah, we have put in place a financial plan that will deliver their Future Perfect and that is appraised on a regular basis to make sure that it is always performing and can adapt should their situation change in the future.

As a small business owner with a family I found it was important to find a Financial Advisor that could help to manage and grow my business wealth, personal wealth and pension wealth. With so many challenges to face in running a business I needed a safe pair of hands that I could trust to ensure all...
David | Business Owner
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