HR Directors

In line with our commitment to financial wellbeing, we often work with HR Directors, helping them to ensure that their own Partners and Senior Corporate Executives have access to the best possible advice. 

We’ve developed a Financial Wellbeing Programme specifically for Partners and Senior Corporate Executives that helps HR Directors to ensure that their senior employees benefit from holistic wealth management advice. This Programme enables their employees to make better choices by providing them with the information they need to help them achieve financial security and to optimise the income and capital available for their family in the event of something happening to them. Essentially, it provides the knowledge and reassurance to put a plan together that is specific to their circumstances and aligned with both their professional ambitions and personal objectives. 

Our Financial Wellbeing Programme is designed to complement your existing financial wellbeing arrangements. It’s based on our significant experience of working with Partners and Senior Corporate Executives and our knowledge of the challenges they face that allows us to recommend solutions that are relevant, effective and puts them in control of their financial future. 

If you’re an HR Director and would like to talk to us about our Financial Wellbeing Programme, please get in touch with us here.

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