Retirement is one of the most common reasons why anybody comes to see a financial adviser, but for most people it tends to follow a prescriptive and pre-conceived pattern with limited options. At Corinthian, we see planning for your retirement completely differently, as an opportunity to plan for the retirement you want, when you want and on your terms.

We’ll help put you in control of your retirement. We’ll show you what assets you must have to support it, the income level you need to enable your lifestyle and, with some careful analysis and planning, we might even be able to help you retire earlier than you thought.

Throughout it all, we’ll never forget that retirement isn’t the end, but the beginning of a new chapter of your life that should be as happy and rewarding as the chapters that preceded it.

Case Study:

Partner at a law firm

Richard is 53 and a senior Partner at a major law firm. He came to us to discuss his retirement strategy, specifically to review his existing pension and assess what kind of contributions he needed to make.

We work with many clients just like Richard - senior Partners at the peak of their careers with one eye on making the most out of their working lives and the other on planning the next step. We understand the multiple challenges facing them, from managing the day to day pressure of work and maximising its financial rewards, to ensure that they are as prepared as possible for their retirement.

As always, before we did anything, we needed to get to know Richard and understand exactly what he wanted to achieve. Not just the usual generic goals, but critical issues, such as the exact age he wants to retire, what lifestyle he wants in retirement and also his wider hopes and plans for his wife and children.

Working with Richard and his wife, we developed a Future Perfect that has enabled him to have a holistic view of his family finances, bringing each of its separate aspects together under a joined-up strategy and all with the benefits of a single and trusted point of contact through his adviser, Mark.

Today Richard knows that their financial strategy is focused on making their Future Perfect possible. Their long-term retirement plan is being executed and constantly monitored, their investment strategy is robust and fit for purpose and he knows that his wife and family are protected should anything happen to him. We review it on a regular basis, making sure that any new regulations and developments are factored in, updates to their personal circumstances are allowed for and all scenarios considered. Above all, Richard and his wife are in control.

Over the years, Mark Woodham of Corinthian Wealth Management has provided my wife and me with specialist advice on pensions, investments and trust options. Trusting someone with your retirement planning is a big step and we met many other advisers before choosing Mark and his colleagues at Corint...

Richard | Partner at a law firm

Our Process

We’ve developed a simple three step process to ensure that our clients get the most of their relationship with us. Find our more about our process.