We all know that it shouldn't be different for women, but it is. There's no point pretending otherwise. Our experience of helping many women look after their financial wellbeing tells us that there are a wider variety of hurdles for them to overcome. 

For example, statistically, a woman’s pension1 is five times less than a man’s; women are more likely to feel that they are not adequately prepared for retirement; they are more likely to need more in retirement because of their longevity and are more likely to save less because they earn less. All of these add up to a significantly more challenging financial environment that women need be prepared for. 

In such circumstances, it’s only natural to be wondering what the best thing to do with your money is. That’s where our own experience of helping many women with their wealth management will help you to plan ahead and take control of your financial future.

1. Gender and Financial Wellbeing by the Money and Pensions Service - 2020

Case Study: Successful Female

Enda, 59, is a successful Sales and Marketing Director. Throughout her career she’s earned a high salary and significant bonuses. However, like many women, she had found it difficult to find a financial advisor that understood the different challenges that women often face, when planning their investment and retirement strategy. That all changed when she started working with Corinthian. 

Having focused her energy on her career, Enda hadn’t had time to look at her own finances properly or develop an appropriate retirement strategy. As a result, although she had built up a number of different pension pots, they weren’t following a clear overall plan, so there was no end goal or retirement date in sight. Enda sat down with Corinthian, who specialise in helping ambitious and successful women achieve their financial objectives, to look at her options and get some clarity on the choices available to her regarding her various pensions to help provide the financial security she wanted.

Corinthian helped Enda to identify what her existing holdings were, decide what kind of lifestyle she wanted to maintain and then use the information to develop a plan, to provide a secure income to support it. At the same time, Corinthian put in place a successful and robust investment strategy, that now ensures that Enda’s money works as hard for her as it can. 

Corinthian has allowed for Enda to be in charge of both her retirement and investment strategies and, above all, created choice by giving her the ability to decide whether to keep working or take early retirement and enjoy a lifestyle that her hard work deserves. 

The value of an investment with St. James's Place will be directly linked to the performance of the funds you select, and the value can therefore go down as well as up. You may get back less than you invested.

The advice Corinthian Wealth Management have provided has been invaluable and has helped me in many ways. I rely on their skills and expertise to work for me, and to ensure my wishes and expectations translate into long term financial security, giving me the choices, I have worked hard for over the ...
Enda | Successful Female